It’s no secret hot tubs provide a host of health benefits, ranging from soothing muscles and joints to relieving stress. However, some spa goers report concerns with dry skin after frequent hot tub visits. An easily preventable and treatable concern, dry skin can be corrected by implementing a few changes.

Prevent and Correct Dry Skin: 5 Helpful Tips

Though irritating, dry skin is generally not a serious condition and can be preventing by doing the following:

  • Change clothes after use. Though it seems harmless, lounging around in your bathing suit or swim trunks can promote the development of dry skin patches. After spending time in hot tubs, it’s best to change clothes and shower quickly as this helps prevent skin irritation due to chemicals.
  • Take shorter dips. Extended periods in hot tubs may be relaxing, but prolonged exposure to spa waters can promote skin irritation. Instead, limit dips in the spa to 10-15 minute intervals, making sure to rinse and change clothes in between uses.
  • Monitor the hot tub temperature. A hot tub’s temperature is the primary factor in its ability to boost relaxation and comfort. Unfortunately, a temperature of above 104 degrees Fahrenheit can be detrimental to the skin, as the skin’s natural moisture is lost at higher temperatures.
  • Maintain appropriate pH. If the pH is in excess of 7.8 can pose additional risk to those using a hot tub. Incidentally it can also damage spa parts and hot tub covers. So not maintaining the proper pH will also irritate your pocket book as well. As pH rises, the likelihood of skin irritation increases. Some hot tub owners have reported experiencing dry, flaky skin or rashes if the appropriate pH is not maintained. If unsure of your spa’s pH, contact a professional for further direction.
  • Switch to something besides chlorine or bromine to treat your spa water. There are options available to keep your water clear without harsh chemicals. At, we have been recommending PristineBlue water treatment for years. It is not only safer for your skin and hair it will be safer for the environment too.
  • Use moisturizer after showering. When applied to chlorine-free, clean skin, lotion helps restore the skin’s natural moisture and aid in damage repair.

Hot Tubs provide unmatched relaxation in the comfort, but can cause dry skin or rashes if not properly maintained and used. Prevent irritated skin by following these simple tips.

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