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Answering Common Swim Spa Questions

If you’re considering buying a swim spa for your home, you will have questions and it’s important to have the answers to your questions before you make a purchase. Here are a few of the most common questions about spas answered.

Are all Swim Spas Created Equally?

The word “spa” is used to describe any jetted, heated and water-filled tub. Although every brand would like to claim that their swim spa is a cut above all others, for the most part they share the same technology. The choice really comes down to which features best meet your expectations.

Portable or Inground?

Determining where you want to put your spa is the first consideration when it comes to deciding on a portable or an inground hot tub. Placing it inside your home will likely entail altering the room it will be placed in and will therefore cost more.

Portable, self-contained spas need no external plumbing, excavation or electrical work. They are popular for their ease of use because they plug into any household socket and can be situated indoors during the winter months or outside during the summer. A portable spa can be taken with you when you move, as well.

Inground spas can be set in an outside deck, sunk into a cement floor or can be installed inground with a wood or tile deck built around it. They require some plumbing and electrical work to be done and so are more costly initially. However, a built-in spa will greatly add to the value of your home.

Too Much Weight?

Many people think that a spa filled with water will be too heavy for the floor it will sit on. Actually, it exerts less stress per square foot than a refrigerator because the weight is spread out over a large surface. Most modern construction will support the average water-filled spa with no trouble. However, when in doubt, consult with a structural engineer before have one installed.

Cost of Operating a Spa

It’s not possible to say precisely what your operating costs will be. Monthly energy bills will depend on how often you use your spa and at what temperature, but the average portable indoor unit, with a good insulating swim spa cover, costs about fifty cents a day to run.

Most portable spas are heated using electricity. Inground spas give you a choice of heaters. Gas heaters cost more than electric heaters initially, but they are less costly to run on a monthly basis.

How to Choose a Spa Company

• Choose a reputable pool and spa company that has been in business for many years.
• Ask about warranties and backup services
• Ask the dealer for references and/or ask friends and relatives about their experiences with the company
• Don’t be rushed or let yourself be pressured into buying.
• Take a “wet test” to check the pressure of the jets and to see if the seating is comfortable.Swim Spa Delight

Regardless which swim spa you purchase, you’ll need a cover to go on it. For most people this starts out as an after thought but this will be a key to whether you continue to use it or not.

Typical foam filled swim spa covers are just more sections of the same old tired hot tub covers. A saturated hot tub cover is bad enough but saturated swim spa covers can be downright dangerous because of the added height of a swim spa.

Plus many owners try to play “musical chairs” with the sections that become too heavy to lift, opening only the sections they can still manage. This is a recipe for disaster to say the least.

At they have been building lightweight, easy to use swim spa covers for years. Many female owners report that they are able to open their SpaCap Swim Spa Covers with one hand!

The secret to long term benefit from your swim spa investment is easy access. If you have to go out and struggle with a saturated foam cover you are going to use the spa less and less.

Don’t let this happen to you. Get the most out of your swim spa for years to come. Visit today and get a swim spa cover you’ll be able to handle for years to come.

Choosing a Swim Spa Current Type

Whether you want to exercise or simply relax, swim spas offer both in a more compact size than a regular pool, while still being big enough for a relaxing soak with the family. But did you know that there are three different types of current systems? Here’s how to choose a swim spa current type to suit your needs.

Current Speeds

Swim spa current speeds average from 2.5 to 8 miles per hour. It is important to choose a system that will give you long-term satisfaction. A swim spa that lacks sufficient water flow to give you a good workout would be of no use at all. On the other hand, too much turbulence will also decrease your enjoyment of the swim spa.

Three Current Systems

The three types of current systems available in swim spas are as follows:

  • Jet propulsion is the most common. It is also known as a pressure-driven system and is typically powered by a 4-horsepower motor that pumps water through jets. These systems feature one or more jets and adjustable current speeds up to 8 mph. Jets can be adjusted for current direction and speed, as well as to assist with flotation, allowing you to customize your workout. The distribution of water may not be as wide or as even as other propulsion methods.
  • Paddlewheel systems are powered by a rotating paddlewheel at one end of the swim spa to create an adjustable-speed current. The wheel creates a smooth current across the entire width of the spa, moving in a sheet-like flow that is both wide and deep. Up to 80 percent of the swim spa’s water is circulated under the swim current back to the paddlewheel.
  • As the name suggests, propeller-powered systems use propellers to send a centered stream of water through a grate in the spa wall toward the back of the unit and through another grate on the rear wall. The water at the edges stays relatively calm. This spa current type creates a smooth, adjustable-speed current like that of a paddlewheel system but with the smaller swim current width of a jet propulsion system. Water travels back to the propeller through recessed channels, often concealed in bench seats or beyond the spa’s side walls. Some spas contain two propellers so that two can swim at the same time while maintaining separate paces.

Try Then Buy

Before buying a swim spa, ensure that the model you pick suits your exercise style and requirements by trying it out in the showroom. Most dealers offer test swims and it’s a great way to try out the various swim current systems.

Look for uniform water distribution, a high rate of water circulation and an adjustable current and flow speed. You should be able to regulate the water flow to match or challenge your abilities and be able to increase the speed to build endurance and strength. Remember that a stream of water that seems acceptable initially, might not meet your requirements as your skills and stamina increase.

No matter what type of swim spa you ultimately decide is right for you, you’ll need a cover to go on it. For most people this starts out as an after thought but this will be a key to whether you continue to use it or not.

Typical foam filled swim spa covers are just more sections of the same old tired hot tub covers. A saturated hot tub cover is bad enough but saturated swim spa covers can be downright dangerous because of the added height of a swim spa.

Plus many owners try to play “musical chairs” with the sections that become too heavy to lift, opening only the sections they can still manage. This is a recipe for disaster to say the least.

At they have been building lightweight, easy to use swim spa covers for years. Many female owners report that they are able to open their SpaCap Swim Spa Covers with one hand!

The secret to long term benefit from your swim spa investment is easy access. If you have to go out and struggle with a saturated foam cover you are going to use the spa less and less.

Don’t let this happen to you. Get the most out of your swim spa for years to come. Visit today and get a swim spa cover you’ll be able to handle for years to come.

Swim Spa being used by a swimmer as shown from above

Choosing the Best Swim Spa Size

Swim spas come in four different lengths. It is important to have a clear understanding of what you want to use a spa for in order to choose the best swim spa size for your needs. Some models are available in standard and “deep” versions that add anywhere from 9 inches to a foot of depth.

Here’s a rundown on each length so you can choose the best swim spa size for your needs.

10 to 11 Feet

These swim spas are often swim spas in name only, as they don’t typically have enough room to allow for swimming. They are similar to a hot tub for their hydrotherapy benefits and are ideal for muscle relaxation and targeting specific groups of muscles. They are perfect for those with chronic or short term pain.

These models feature:

  • Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
  • A jet seat designed for hydrotherapy
  • Optional resistance, though not enough for swimming

12 to 16 Feet

This length of swim spa is sometimes referred to as a trainer or fitness model. These swim spas allow for continuous swimming, the current being generated by jet propulsion, rotating paddlewheels or a propeller.

If you are looking for a combination of fitness and fun, this is a popular choice. Many models offer hydrotherapy jets and some can be customized with additional exercise equipment that can include an underwater treadmill, a rowing machine or other resistance apparatus.

They can also be upgraded with fountains, special lighting and waterproof sound systems, making them great for leisure activities.

These models feature:

  • Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
  • Up to two jet seats
  • A swim current

17 to 18 Feet

This model adds extra length for improved comfort while swimming and exercising, as well as a choice of water flow, such as paddlewheels and propellers. These swim spas are designed for more serious users and the enhanced water flow provides a smoother, more consistent current that spans the width of the pool. This type of water flow mimics the feel of a larger pool.

Optional upgrades include sound systems, Wi-Fi and built-in underwater cameras.

These models feature:

  • Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
  • Two jet seats and two standard seats/steps
  • Paddlewheel and propeller water flows designed for a more realistic swimming experience

19 Feet and Up

This model provides the longest length of any other swim spa and typically has a dedicated hydrotherapy pool or hot tub separate from the swimming area. They feature all of the functions available on smaller models but this swim spa size may also come with deluxe LED lighting, massage functions and enhanced tiling.

The hot tub end has up to 60 hydrotherapy jets, seating for four to six people and added elements such as a sound system and a spillover waterfall.

These models feature:

  • Widths from 7 to 8 feet and depths from 4 to 5 feet
  • Four to five jet seats in the spa section
  • A current that provides directional resistance, with paddlewheel and propeller types enabling swim speeds up to 8 mph

No matter what swim spa size you ultimately decide is right for you, you’ll need a cover to go on it. For most people this starts out as an after thought but this will be a key to whether you continue to use it or not.

Typical foam filled swim spa covers are just more sections of the same old tired hot tub covers. A saturated hot tub cover is bad enough but saturated swim spa covers can be downright dangerous because of the added height of a swim spa.

Plus many owners try to play “musical chairs” with the sections that become too heavy to lift, opening only the sections they can still manage. This is a recipe for disaster to say the least.

At they have been building lightweight, easy to use swim spa covers for years. Many female owners report that they are able to open their SpaCap Swim Spa Covers with one hand!

The secret to long term benefit from your swim spa investment is easy access. If you have to go out and struggle with a saturated foam cover you are going to use the spa less and less.

Don’t let this happen to you. Get the most out of your swim spa for years to come. Visit today and get a swim spa cover you’ll be able to handle for years to come.

Swim Spa in Deck

The Swim Spa and Swim Spa Covers

A swim spa is simply a smaller type of pool that uses water resistance to allow users to swim in a confined area. Recent technology has perfected them so that, now, the average homeowner is able to afford one.

The main benefits of a swim spa are:

• Their smaller size makes them a good option when space is limited.
• Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do and a swim spa allows you to swim continuously without doing laps.
• A swim spa can be considerably cheaper to buy, install and maintain than a full-sized swimming pool.

These are some of the reasons why even homeowners who have enough space in their yards for a full-sized pool are opting to install a swim spa instead.

How Big is a Swim Spa?

A swim spa needs to be one and a half times the length of the body with the arms outstretched. It also needs to be wide enough so that the swimmer doesn’t feel cramped or bump into the sides of it. Using these factors, a swim spa can be as little as 12 feet in length and as little as 7 feet in width. They are usually only about 4 feet deep, but deeper models are available.

A swim spa can be installed either in ground or above ground and, because they take up so little space, they can also be installed indoors or on your back deck.

Added Features

Part of the attraction of swim spas is that there are so many designs and features to choose from. You can combine it with a heated therapeutic spa. Buy separate units or order it all-inclusive, with separate areas for swimming and relaxing.

You can regulate the water temperatures so that the spa end can be warmer than the swimming pool or you can choose a single temperature swim spa that combines therapeutic water jets in one end, where built-in seating is located, and resistance jets for swimming at the other end.

The Swim Spa as Plunge Pool

If you have enough space, you might consider buying a larger swim spa that the whole family can enjoy. A plunge pool can be up to 24 feet long by 8 feet and 5 feet deep; plenty of room for every member of the family to enjoy. When you’re alone and want to swim, all you have to do is turn on the pump.

If you don’t think you have the space or the budget for a full-sized swimming pool, a swim spa may be just what you’re looking for. Like thousands of others, you may find that a swim spa is the perfect solution.

No matter what size swim spa you decide on it will need to have a swim spa cover that easy to use. Unfortunately all swim spa covers are not created equal.

Traditional rigid foam filled covers will always get saturated and too heavy to lift. On a regular size spa this can be bad enough but on a swim spa it can become dangerous.

At they have been building easy to use swim spa covers for years. Get one for your new swim spa and you’ll have the only swim spa cover that is light enough to use with one hand.

Swim Spa in Deck

You Need A Swim Spa

Not sure if you really want a swim spa?

People buy a swim spa for a lot of different reasons. Some just buy for the fun of splashing around in water, of course. For most people, health issues predominate.

Groups that Benefit Most by Exercising in Water:

  • athletes looking for endurance training
  • people recovering from a sports injury
  • the overweight
  • people with balance problems
  • the elderly
  • anyone with joint problems

And, of course, anyone at all who wants to get fit!

Swimming is one of the Safest Exercises

There are far fewer injuries to swimmers than runners or competitive game players. Water supports the body reducing stress on joints. The cartilage in a swimmers knees and the bones of their spine do not suffer the shocks that runners, tennis players or other athletes suffer.

Sports injuries are a serious issue. Among baby boomers, alone, injuries run at nearly a million incidents a year and cost around 20 billion dollars in medical expenses. For people aged 34 to 54 there are around 400,000 hospital admissions related to sport injuries, annually.

A staggering 5.5 million people consult a doctor for knee injuries in the average year.*

Swimming is not accident free but problems arise from carelessness- like diving in shallow water- rather than the nature of the exercise.

Aquatic Gyms

A swimming spa can be suitable for a lot of exercises besides swimming

  • You can do some water walking on an underwater treadmill against the resistance of a current.
  • You can get equipment that will allow rowing exercises, step ups, and many other activities.
  • You can even get an underwater exercise bike!

If you want to use a swim spa as an aquatic gym you need a model with a flat, tough, non-slip bottom so that any equipment is secure in use.

There are all kinds of exercise machine that can be used in water.

Therapy Benefits

Swim spas offer excellent therapy for a wide range of conditions. They promote good sleep, ease stiffness and reduce stress levels.

Sleep better

Exercise will help you sleep better. Soaking in hot water in the evening also promotes good sleep, according to a study by the National Sleep Foundation.

Ease stiffness

The Arthritis Foundation recommends the use of spas and has found that regular sessions will help keep joints freely moving as well soothing arthritic pain. This makes moderate exercise possible which can restore strength and flexibility.

Ease long term conditions

The New England Journal of Medicine found that diabetic patients who used a spa regularly reported reduced blood sugar levels and better sleep patterns.
Swimming is Great for Anyone with Limited Mobility

If your mobility is limited in any way, swimming might be the only exercise that is really practical.

Arthritis sufferers are only one group who find running, step ups or other common exercises painful or impossible. And of course, if you fall over in water, you are not going to hurt yourself.>

Aquatic Therapy

Anyone who has suffered an injury that has impacted on their mobility will understand the benefit of aquatic therapy, You can exercise without gravity getting in the way and you can use the natural resistance of water as a gentle way to work out and strengthen muscles.

Pool Pilates and other Water based Exercise Programs

Pool pilates is just one of the exercise programs that offers complete body conditioning in a pool setting. Any swim spa with a flat bottom is ideal for these kinds of programs.
Swim Spas that Combine a Swimming Area and a Spa Area

A lot of seats in a swim spa can get in the way of swimming. Because of this, many swim spas have only a single bench seat which is not ideal if you like to blasted by powerful massage jets (it is easy to get pushed into a corner by the jets!).

Installations that combine a swimming area with a separate spa can solve this problem.

Once you decide on a swim spa, keep in mind that in order to get the most benefit from it you need to use it on a regular basis. It may sound like a small thing but having an easy to use swim spa cover is going to be important.

At they have been building lightweight easy to use swim spa covers as long as there have been swim spas.

Swim Spa being used by a swimmer as shown from above

Benefits Of A Swim Spa

Swim Spa in DeckAll the comforts of a spa. You get the massaging hot water jets and all the enjoyment that a spa can offer in a unit that also includes a swimming area. The only difference is that this is much more compact than a traditional in-ground pool with a separate area for a hot tub or spa.
‘Traditional’ pool benefits included. Although the swim spa is designed differently than a traditional swimming pool, it is still large enough to fit a number of people and to allow the same kind of fun enjoyed in traditional swimming pools. Again, the main difference is the depth of the water and a smaller pool area.
Compact design. Pools are out of the question for some people because they don’t have sufficient space in their backyards. Swim spas may be the answer because they don’t take up nearly the size of a traditional swimming pool.
Easy installation. Swim spas are more like spas or fiberglass swimming pools, so if they are going in-ground, the installation is fairly quick and easy. However, they also come in above ground models that make the installation even simpler.
Exercise. Perhaps the most popular reason to get a swim spa is to enjoy the ability to swim laps without worrying about turns or paying for big pools. Water jets that can be adjusted for various speeds push out against the swimming, keeping them in place, as they swim against the current. With the jets off, the swim spa can also be used for other water-based exercises.
Easier maintenance. Compared to a traditional swimming pool, the maintenance for a swim spa is much easier because it is smaller and uses fewer chemicals. Also, the fiberglass or acrylic construction produces a smooth surface that minimizes the production of algae.
Convenience. Spas are great for relaxing and easing muscle tensions and aches, particularly after exercise. With the swim spa, you can go almost immediately from your water workout into the massaging waters of the spa.
Portable. Swim spas that are not in-ground units have the advantage of being mobile, meaning they can move when you move. While there’s a certain benefit to adding a little to the price of your home because of the swimming pool, it’s also nice to start with a swim spa in your new home.
Use year-round. Because the swim spas are portable, they can be located indoors or outdoors. If your home has an indoor location for a swim spa, you can enjoy the unit even on stormy or snowy days.
Encourage exercise. A swim spa that may have been meant for the swimmer in the family is likely to encourage others to try out the benefits of easy, lap swimming. The jets that provide resistance can be set for beginner swimmers or for much more capable swimmers.

Consider the space around your swim spa. In order for it to be easy to remove and replace your swim spa cover you need to allow adequate room around the spa. For swim spa covers that are as easy to use as taking a comforter off your bed check out

Reasons to Buy a Hot Tub This Holiday Season


Merry Christmas

A Hot tub can be used virtually all year, yet some times are better to buy than others. While many people enjoy relaxing in the hot tub on a cool fall or spring night, enjoying the hot water in the middle of winter also catches the imagination of many. Below are a few reasons you should consider buying a hot tub this holiday season:

  1. Less expensive. Outdoor hot tubs are most commonly purchased during summer, and for most spa companies, summer is the height of the selling season. The pleasant outdoor weather makes people want to spend more time outside, and the hot tub is the perfect diversion for a beautiful summer evening. However, hot tubs might be purchased for a much lower price during winter, when sellers have to try harder to move their products. If you are thinking about getting a hot tub or buying hot tub accessories, consider shopping for one this holiday season.
  2. Can be used immediately. If you buy a hot tub in winter, waste no time enjoying the warm water. There is something magical about enjoying a snowy vista from the comfort of a hot tub on a clear winter day, and you can take advantage of that opportunity this holiday season.
  3. Can help clear symptoms of colds. Hot tubs produce a great deal of steam, especially in the winter when the water vapor clashes with the cold outdoor temperatures. This steam is good for easing sore throats and clearing out sinuses. Considering that colds appear to be more common in winter, hot tubs might be a good remedy for easing the symptoms.
  4. Relaxes muscles and joints. Hot water is known for relaxing muscles and joints and easing pain. As many people’s joint pain is worse in cold weather, a spa could be the perfect holiday gift.

Naturally, we think everybody should have and use a hot tub every day. Here at we have been working in the industry for over thirty years. We know a little bit about the health benefits of using a hot tub. In fact the covers we build today are a direct result of the need to get into the hot tub for back therapy and being told by the doctor not to lift more than ten pounds.

If you’ve owned your present hot tub cover for more than six months (and it isn’t one of ours) there’s a very high probability that you have to lift more than tens pounds to get into your spa. The reason is simple. No rigid foam filled cover, no matter what it’s wrapped in, can avoid becoming heavy, saturated with water. No amount of taper will stop it either since outside moisture is not the culprit.

But enough about Hot Tub Covers, you need to buy a hot tub first!

Contact SpaCap for more information on the benefits of spas and hot tubs.

How to Find the Right Swim Spa

You want to buy a swim spa but you do not know from where to begin? You have no idea which manufacturers offer the best swim spas or which features differentiate one brand from another? Our goal is to covers the strengths and characteristics of some Swim Spa brands available on the market. No matter what are your needs, we hope to help you find the one which best fits your needs and expectations.


Swim Spa being used by a swimmer as shown from above

Swim Spa

  1. Dimension One Swim Spa – The Aquatic Fitness System brand of Dimension One is designed not only to relax, but also to exercise, so it corresponds to all of your demands and wishes related to swim spas. You can use it to swim, walk, run, stretch, and strength exercises or just to enjoy the recreational effects of the swim spa. No matter which age group you belong to, Aquatic Fitness System will definitely meet your expectations. You can choose from 4 types of spas according to your needs. AquaFit Sport’s water management system which ensures you clean water every time you exercise, the forceful swim jets and the cross-training functionality make it your functional underwater gym. What can be better than that? After your exhausting training session, the AquaFit Pro, offers you with its patented Jet Therapy® pillow, the ultimate relaxation experience. The AquaFit Play will provide you many moments of pleasure with exercise, fun and relaxation due to its max therapy seat, patented water cleaning system and stereo and lighting package (optional). AquaFIT PLUS is the king of Dimension One Swim Spas, not only because it is the largest one, but also because you can adjust the water temperature separately: you can have a different temperature in one side of it while you are exercising and another in the other part which is ideal for soaking and spa.

These luxurious spas have a lot of innovation: they are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, include water cleaning systems and interior innovations. Visit their page to read more about these amazing swim spas.


  1. Cal Spa provides a full aquatic gym in the comfort of your own home. The Cal Spas’ Jet Stream Propulsion System is designed for both amateur and professional swimmers. The two jets produce current both on the top and under the water. Cal Spa offers a large variety of options for their customers in order to help them to improve their swimming and hydrotherapy experience. Cords attached to the anchors of the spa can make your training easier; the built in Isound system or stereo with CD player and the led options make your spa time more joyful. The entry level swim spa provides 22 jets and is designed for 6 people. The top of the line model has the capacity of 10 people and includes 70 jets, it consists of a zone designed for swimming and workout and another separated one for hydrotherapy and soaking. Like the Dimension One offering you can set the temperature separately for both areas.


  1. Endless Pool Swim Spas offer you the great opportunity to spend fun and valuable time with your friends and family, without exposing you to the dangers and unpleasant features of the public spas. These spas are designed to be suitable in almost every size backyard and have much lower operating cost than normal sized pools. These spas can be used indoor or out, and are available in four different sizes. The ten foot, fifteen and seventeen foot long, offer a fairly spartan layout with one seat to relax in after your workout. The top of the line nineteen foot model offers the separate spa end with the by now expected dual temperature control. According to their website, the installation consists of 3 easy steps: place, fill up, and connect the power. Although it makes it sound like you just plug it in, because it requires 220 volts and a 60amp breaker, it’s not quite that simple. You can adapt not only the temperature, but also the current according to your preferences.


  1. The Michael Phelps Swim Spas by Master Spas were developed “with input” from the famous swimmer, Michael Phelps, and his coach, Bob Bowman, and the professional engineers of Master Spas. The company website claims that these are one of the most energy-efficient swim spas in the industry, due to the eco-friendly icynene foam insulation. In their own words, “Every swim spa is built to not only meet but to exceed the stringent California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency standards.” They also have high density polymer base which keeps away pests and helps to maintain the heating, manifold plumbing which ensures the equal spread of pressure in the jets. They also contain Noise Reduction, EcoPur and Ozone systems. The EcoPur® System contains a filter which integrates a combination of minerals which help not only the elimination of bigger impurities, but also of the microorganisms and heavy metals, resulting in softer water. The Ozone System eliminates the pathogens, making the water fresh and clean. Its Wave Propulsion™ Technology System offers you a swimming experience with less turbulence and the SwimNumber™ System allows you to set the suitable swimming, training speed according to your needs. Some workout programs are pre scheduled, so you can choose between the beginners, intermediate or advanced levels. Again it is available in a number of lengths and configurations including the spa on one end that can be at a different temperature. The one obvious difference is the housing. On the pump end, the one you swim toward, a good foot to eighteen inches is taken up by the pump works. Not a huge deal but if your buying a cover for it, you’ll be covering a section you can’t swim in or sit in.


  1. SwimEx Swim Spas apply paddle wheel instead of jets and propellers to generate swim current. The fiberglass panel construction of these spas is similar to the aircrafts’ panels. SwimEx is based on a special shell designed to control the course of water. In the past this manufacturer was mainly oriented towards corporate customers like universities, hospitals, but in more recent years they have become more and more oriented towards residential clients. Customers can choose from a large variety of custom options for their indoor or outdoor SwimEx including colors, finishes and water depths. The first glaring difference between these swim spas and others listed so far is that they are not designed to be stand alone spas in their own cabinet. True they can be set up for indoor or outdoor installation but that installation will be sunken. This is more of a commitment since installing it will be very similar to an actual swimming pool. Plus as you would expect from a builder that has focused on commercial applications their spas are a little more utilitarian. The website has some very attractive photos but the main focus is on the pleasing deck work around the spa rather than the spas themselves.


  1. Arctic Spas Swim Spas claim to be the perfect choice for even the cold weather and climate, they are easy to install and very energy efficient. The patented Forever Floor® will save you time and effort in connection with installing, because you do not have to work on a spa foundation. The Total Access™ system Đ makes every interior component easy to access for repairing. The insulation of the floor and of the wall (foam) of these spas was developed to stop heating from escaping. The biggest difference between the Arctic Spas Swim Spas and the others we covered here is that rather than offering several different sizes they only offer one size with different interior options. From a manufacturing point of view this is a great idea. Every cabinet is the same size which saves time and money. For the home owner it takes one decision off the table and you can focus on the options instead. This manufacturer does not offer a model with a spa in one end. The down side of this is that you’ll be exercising in the same temperature as when you are using the spa for relaxation. So you’ll have to either workout in water that is too warm or relax in water that is a tad on the cool side.


These are 6 of the largest manufacturers, who, based on their years of technological research and experimentation, offer a large variety of swim spas which meet the various needs of customers. If you have decided to purchase a swim spa, list your preferences, and what you want from your purchase to match them with the technological features provided by the spa manufacturers available on the market.

When you’re ready to cover your investment, visit While spa manufacturers have been working on designing and building swim spas, have been building the perfect swim spa covers.

No matter which company you purchase you spa from they will offer a traditional rigid foam filled swim spa cover. The problem is that depending on the overall length of your new spa, that cover will consist of three or four individual panels. And just like every other foam filled cover ever made, those panels will eventually begin to saturate with moisture from the steam coming off the spa water, (starting the day you fill your spa) until they are too heavy to lift. (Normally one section will be notably heavier within six months)

Invariably with four separate sections this will happen at different speeds. So you the owner has to choose to struggle to remove and replace that one section or just leave it on and try to use your spa under it.

Bar lifters won’t help once the cover becomes too heavy either because you will still have to flop it over the bar while trying not to strain yourself. Then push it off the end of the spa. When the cover is heavy it will either rip itself apart (because the seam of the cover is not built to handle the added weight) or worse it will rip the bar lifter off the sides of your spa potentially causing damage to the spa cabinet.

The SpaCap Swim Spa Covers by contrast, don’t employ foam so there is nothing to soak up the moisture. They are built to stay lightweight and easy to use. Visit and order one for your swim spa today.

Why You Need a Swim Spa

Swim spas have really grown in popularity over the past few years, and there are a number of affordable options in the marketplace. The problem is that many consumers don’t understand why they need a swim spa, and some don’t even know what a swim spa is. Essentially, it is a small pool or large hot tub that produces a current, allowing swimmers to swim and get a workout without having to buy a full-length pool or even turn at the wall. They also don’t take up too much space in your yard. The following are a few reasons why you should consider buying a swim spa.

  1. Best of both worlds. When a hot tub is too small and a pool is too big, you need something that’s in between. Swim spas allow serious swimmers to get their workout and stay in shape while also allowing them to relax afterwards. Swim spas can usually be heated, providing owners with a large hot tub to relax in at the end of a long day. Usually no longer than 12 feet, these pools can also be used for relaxation and exercise simultaneously, as long as the water is at a good temperature for both activities.
  2. Convenience. Because they are so much smaller than a full-size swimming pool, swim spas are much easier to install and leave you with more room on your property for other activities. They can be placed either in the ground or on top of it, making them portable or permanent as the homeowner chooses.
  3. Most benefit for your money. While a hot tub helps to relax muscles and ease aches and pains, and a pool allows you to stretch out your muscles and get a good workout, a swim spa gives you all of these health benefits.

Now that you’re ready to go get a swim spa, you are going to need to get a cover for it too. That’s where we come in. At we have been building Swim Spa Covers for as long as there have been swim spas. What the spa dealer will want to “throw in” with your swim spa is a rigid foam folding cover. Basically it is two typical foam filled hot tub covers so you end up with four panels instead of two and a cover that will fail twice as fast.

Don’t settle for a big piece of foam filled garbage that is just going to end up in a landfill, order a custom made Swim Spa Cover from

Contact SpaCap to find out more about swim spas and protecting your hot tub or pool.

Swim Spa in Deck

Which Brand of Swim Spa?

When you’ve decided you want to buy a swim spa, how do you possibly choose which brand or model to buy? There are dozens of different features, options, and accessories, and the combinations seem endless. Fortunately, there are a few features you can use to help judge a swim spa and figure out whether it’s the right one for you.

Swim Spa being used by a swimmer as shown from above

Before going to a store, be prepared with a list of features you find more desirable to make your swim spa experience as fulfilling as possible. Consider how you plan on using the swim spa and how much time you will spend exercising or relaxing. A few of the common features to look for are listed below.

  • Seats. If you only plan on using your swim spa to get a good morning’s workout, you won’t have to worry about seating. If you anticipate using the swim spa primarily as a hot tub for relaxation, however, comfortable seating is very important. The location of the seating in the swim spa will need to be considered, as well
  • Massage jets. Like the seating, these will be less important for working out but are vital for full relaxation and enjoyment. However, jets can be very useful for serious swimmers to loosen their muscles before or after exercising.
  • Built in radios. Some people find they get a better exercise experience if they can hear music while they swim, so a built-in radio or underwater speakers is a great investment. They are also very popular for relaxation; few things are more comforting than listening to classical instrumental music while relaxing in a hot tub.

If you’re looking to buy a swim spa today, contact a dealer near you. If you want to find out more about Swim Spa Covers and how to take care of them, contact today.

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